February 31 2024

9999 min read

February 31st

Why does February only have 28 days? Couldn't it borrow from greedy August or January?

Steelpinion progress has taken up new life as regular devlogs on youtube. We've got a few different types of videos with varied level of technical detail. I'm additionally working on mumbling less so people can actually understand what the heck is going on during development.

More Weapons

Look what Leo did!

twin cannon

We are enjoying the process of making weapon customizations as full fledge models in the game. With unreal's control rig and socketing, we are expecting to be able to animate these with our ships in realtime.

shotgun cannon

Unreal realtime rigging & animation skills is on the list to learn, so we will see soon enough how well it works (or needs adjusting/hacking).

blunderbuss cannon

That was short

Yup! Lots to do! Already late with taxes, the blog, and a bunch more... gotta get to work!

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