May 27 2023

1 min read

Oops its the end of the month again

Wow, I've been in the mountains hiking with my kids during the day, and coding simulations for SteelPinion by night for the past week. Calendars have become somewhat less important and I completely missed the fact that today is the 27th!

I still plan to cover the Turn Lifecycle (part 2) featuring combat specifics. This topic needs full justice, so I'll hold off for a bit and instead jump to what I've been doing instead.

Nerdy Codebase Stats

The codebase has grown over 58,000 lines of code. This comprises of mostly javascript/node, C#, and GLSL. We are in about 2 years into development, which makes it roughly 79 lines of code added per day (statistically speaking).

The custom game engine for SteelPinion is 17,000 lines, with mods being an additional 9,000. Mods used to be a part of the engine proper, yet have been now extracted for simpler tampering.

Since the engine is headless (no graphics), then I've got a little 4,000 line vue app that renders the server events for better understanding the outcome of simulations using threejs.

Oh! This website, which I often forget about as a part of the codebase is another 8,000 lines. Its because it has some pages that haven't been released yet; a lite client, and card catalog.

The "fat client" in Unity3d where all the hawt screenshots and videos come from is 20,000 lines. That is where I plan to be next this month of June. It is time to stitch together the weapons models with the combat engine's events.


I've been working on the railgun animation and needed to fix some engine internals so that we could properly get the data to the client for rendering. All the pieces are ready to be combined now. The data is right, the model exists, the animation is ready. Now just need to get it all glued together in the fat-client for fancy visual effects.

What's Next

I'll get back to writing part two of of the turn lifecycle, and keep at the weapon animation implementation. With a good month, there will be a great visual sequence to hand off to our wonderful music guy (to be introduced later). Our artists and artisans have more to show too that I want to cover as well!

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